Meet DCAA Compliance & Adhere to FAR

Meet and adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to ensure DCAA compliance and eligibility to submit and be awarded DCAA Contracts.



For DCAA compliance, an accounting system must meet specific requirements, including:

  • GAAP (accrual) accounting method

  • Specialized chart of accounts

  • Cost accounting

  • Compliant timekeeping system

  • System to generate indirect rates

  • General ledger that will create job cost reports

  • Policies and procedures that support the DCAA compliance processes


Our process relies on accounting software to set up a new system or convert your existing accounting system to meet DCAA compliance. Primary steps include:

  • Configuring accounting software chart of accounts

  • Setting up cost accounting and required labor distribution

  • Implement timekeeping system with interface to accounting software

  • Establishing an indirect rate structure

  • Customizing project financial reports

  • Writing key accounting/timekeeping policies

  • Training client to maintain the new system

Accounting system implementations include: Unanet Financials, JAMIS Prime ERP, QuickBooks, and more.


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