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Meet DCAA Compliance & Adhere to FAR

Meet and adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to ensure DCAA compliance and eligibility to submit and be awarded DCAA Contracts.

DCAA Compliant Systems: Clients


For DCAA compliance, an accounting system must meet specific requirements, including:

  • GAAP (accrual) accounting method

  • Specialized chart of accounts

  • Cost accounting

  • Compliant timekeeping system

  • System to generate indirect rates

  • General ledger that will create job cost reports

  • Policies and procedures that support the DCAA compliance processes


Our process relies on accounting software to set up a new system or convert your existing accounting system to meet DCAA compliance. Primary steps include:

  • Configuring accounting software chart of accounts

  • Setting up cost accounting and required labor distribution

  • Implement timekeeping system with interface to accounting software

  • Establishing an indirect rate structure

  • Customizing project financial reports

  • Writing key accounting/timekeeping policies

  • Training client to maintain the new system

Accounting system implementations include: Unanet Financials, JAMIS Prime ERP, QuickBooks, and more.


Contact us to learn more about our DCAA compliance services.

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